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News & Media: What’s Happening at M Corp?

Stephanie Reali combines her English and IT skills to build a career

Stephanie Reali combined two things that she loves and found a profession – and a fast-growing firm that needed her skills.


“It’s a great mix, I love writing and the IT world,” Stephanie says during a late-afternoon break at California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), where she is assessing an existing system and determining the most effective option for the nation’s largest pension fund.

“A lot of the business analysis part is finding what the clients need,” says Stephanie, an analyst for M Corp. “I take the tech speak and turn it into documentation.”

“I like moving around on projects,” says Stephanie, who has been on the CalPERS contract since August.

She has developed those skills during her seven years at M Corp, where she has handled numerous projects, including for the California Department of Social Services, California Public Utilities Commission, Office of Systems Integration and State Lands Commission.

“I like moving around on projects,” says Stephanie, who has been on the CalPERS contract since August and will likely remain until December. “However, I can help out, I try to.”

She also likes being busy in her personal life. Stephanie is an avid snowboarder, dog owner – she rescued a pit bull three years ago – gardener and tackles numerous projects on her 1930s home in East Sacramento. The first floor has already been renovated, and she’ll start working on the second floor later this year.

“I can’t think of a better neighborhood,” says Stephanie, who grew up in East Sacramento not far from her own home. She moved away for a few years to attend college, first at the University of Washington and later Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She started her college career as a computer science major.

“Then I realized I can’t program at all, but I still loved IT,” says Stephanie, who changed her major to English and focused on technical writing through Cal Poly’s Technical Communications Program. “It’s easy for me, and I love the writing.”

She, like many others, also enjoyed living on the Central Coast. But finding a good-paying job for a college graduate is difficult in the region. So, she returned to Sacramento and started her career as an IT contractor, including a gig with the University of California, Davis.

She came across M Corp like many other employees – she met one of the three founding partners on a project. In her case, she met M Corp CEO Alex Castro when she was on a statewide project for the California Department of Health Services.

“I was still trying to find out what I could do and stay in the IT world,” she says.

M Corp – then a company in a garage a few blocks from home in East Sacramento – was a great fit.

“There are a lot of opportunities with M Corp,” says Stephanie, who will soon begin studying to become a project manager. “They’re great, incredible people who really care. The people who I’ve worked with and I’ve known a long time are like a second family.”

And family is important for Stephanie, who has a brother and two sisters – and a combined five nephews and nieces, with two more expected in the next couple weeks.

“Family keeps me busy.”