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New Energy Comes to M Corp with Marcie Lemley

People are drawn to companies for a number of reasons. At M Corp, it’s often the case that candidates are referred from employees within the organization.

But Marcie Lemley, who joined M Corp in April, didn’t know a single person at the company when she sought her position.


For her, the draw began with the brightly colored ‘M’ that popped up in her LinkedIn feed.

“I saw the logo for M Corp come up on the screen and thought, ‘Hey, I like the color orange!’” She clicked to learn more about the company and was immediately intrigued.

“I’m an energetic person who wants to grow in my career, and it seemed like this company had a good vision and offered a welcoming environment,” she said.

“I’m an energetic person who wants to grow in my career… Even when there are 5 million things coming at me at once, it’s still positive and fun.”

Marcie found the job opening for executive assistant, which was the same role she held with her employer at the time.

“The posting said ‘Wallflowers Need Not Apply,’” she recalls.

Marcie thought it was a shot in the dark since she didn’t know anyone who worked there, but with her energy and experience, she decided to apply anyway. She soon found herself the newest employee at the office.

Today, Marcie plays an essential role at M Corp. She juggles dozens of tasks and projects and keeps things running smoothly – coordinating busy executive schedules, troubleshooting IT problems, making sure the lights stay on and helping new hires through the onboarding process.

She’s on-the-go all day long, but despite the hectic pace, she goes home feeling fulfilled.

“Even when there are 5 million things coming at me at once, it’s still positive and fun. I love the people I work with, I love the positive atmosphere,” said Marcie. “We laugh a lot, but we work really hard, too. At the end of the day, I just have that ‘I love my job!’ feeling. That’s something I’ve never had before.”

Family life outside of work is pretty great, too. Marcie and her husband, whom she met at the age of 19, have a fuzzy cat named Kiddie and a 92-pound black lab named Garduni. Garduni was named after a plant Marcie and her Italian grandfather looked for when she was a child.

One of Marcie’s biggest hobbies outside the office is hiking. An Arizona native, she once took a 12-day trip to raft and hike through the Grand Canyon.

“We explored and rafted during the day, and camped at night. It was magical,” she said. “At the end of the trip, when I got home, I listened to music for the first time in 12 days, and I cried. I just appreciated it so much more after being away from everything for a while.”

She’s got the right perspective. Bringing a new outlook to the office each day, it’s no surprise that her vivacious personality and positive attitude help her thrive in her role at M Corp.