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Lyla Ahmad is an essential ingredient for success

It’s not just the tech experts who keep M Corp’s wheels turning. Amid the rows of data and programming, there are clients – and maintaining client relationships to ensure their needs are met is an essential ingredient for success.

“It’s really important to understand the client’s needs. There are always new things to learn, and I love being part of this team.”

That’s where Lyla Ahmad comes in.

M Corp’s newest business analyst, who has an extensive background as a business manager, joined the company in August. Her role entails helping to manage the business side of a project and facilitating the client relationship.

Lyla plays a huge role in one of M Corp’s biggest contracts and assists in keeping the team organized and on track with deliverables, budget and more as they move the client from a legacy environment to a modern environment. It’s a job that requires extreme attention to detail and a natural curiosity.

“It’s really important to understand the client’s needs. There are always new things to learn, and I love being part of this team and being able to help deliver on the project. That’s always my goal – I thrive on the challenge.”

On any given day her four-member team (soon to be eight) may be tackling a different element of a project, and her confidence, control and sense of ease made her fit right in. Together they keep the project intact.

“I like the dynamic here. Everyone’s driven – everyone’s a go-getter, like me.”

Lyla heard about M Corp through Clark Cunningham, another recent M Corp hire. The two were previously co-workers at another company.

“I love working at M Corp, I’m very happy. It is a family-oriented environment – they’re really understanding of the work-life balance, which isn’t something I had before. Here they understand that you can manage your time and get things done, and still have a life at home at the end of the day.”

With a family at home, that work-life balance is especially important. Lyla lives in Elk Grove with her husband and 5-year-old daughter – within minutes of her parents, brother, two sisters and a handful of cousins within a one-mile radius.

“My daughter just started kindergarten, and she thinks she’s the boss!”

Lyla values being close to her family and having everyone live nearby. They didn’t always live in Northern California, however. Her father owned a business, and the family spent a lot of time traveling from their hometown of Toronto to the West Coast. Eventually they settled in the Sacramento region to be closer to her mother’s side of the family.

“I traveled a lot growing up and got to have a lot of experiences. I want to raise my daughter to have that type of childhood, too.” As if juggling a young family, passion for travel and a busy career aren’t enough, Lyla is fluent in three languages: English, Arabic and Farsi. She can also speak French conversationally – a result of growing up in Toronto.

And it’s not just Lyla who speaks these languages. She and her husband have raised their daughter to speak them as well. Her husband, who is from Bosnia, also speaks his native language at home to their daughter.

“She’s also learning Turkish, and we’ll probably teach her some French. Spanish, of course, she’ll learn in school. Currently she loves to watch Japanese tutorials on YouTube. We’re very keen on her learning.”

When it’s time to relax and take some time to enjoy life, Lyla enjoys taking her family to the coast.

“We love the ocean. We go there any chance we get – to Bodega Bay, Monterey, and especially San Diego. A perfect day for us would probably be one where we just go to the ocean or to San Francisco and spend the day there.”