M Corp

The M Corp Method: Making Things Better

Structured & Reliable

We’ve worked on a lot of legacy projects, and we’ve learned to spot patterns that can mean trouble. Now we can help you eliminate those before they ever appear, using our structured Software Development Life Cycle.

Taking into account things like cost, access to data, and technology, we group a legacy project into one of these main types:


Also known as “rip and replace,” this is a brand new legacy system installed all at once. Our frameworks address the high risk of these projects. You’ll understand what you’re getting into, right from the beginning.


Sometimes a full modernization is not needed; it may be better for your organization to do it in phases, or focus on a particular area. No problem.


Go ahead, upgrade. You can add new Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to your legacy, add some language, or move some of it to Software as a Service (SaaS). Whatever you need to do, we can isolate it and make it happen.


We’ve got platform shifts and code conversion mapped with their own detailed frameworks. Simple to understand, simple to execute.

Get rid of the Guess work

M Corp’s method helps reduce and remove risk for legacy projects. Our clients realize the full potential of their investments by utilizing our SDLC and its structured frameworks.

Let us show you how we can help you realize your project successfully; introduce yourself using the form below, and we’ll send you our detailed solution sheet on legacy modernization.

Ingredients for Success

Each of the four project types are made up of a unique sequence of events that we’ve identified and mapped. These events are designed to stand alone or configure as needed, depending on the complexity and type of your project.

We call these our Frameworks, and together they can tackle any legacy conversion you’ve got.

Business Rules Extraction
Pare your existing system down to only what you need.

Automated toolsets to get it done right.

A level 4 Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) makes sure its perfect and on time.

New business rules, as many as you want, while you convert your legacy.

Apply all your shiny new applications and data to your existing interfaces, carefully and seamlessly.

Change Management
Your new legacy can stay in pristine condition, with some training on adapting to the new technologies.