M Corp

Business Analytics: Make Sense of the Chaos

Your Business, Your Numbers

Intelligence and Analytics implementations are often implemented at the Project Analytics level because in many situations, funding and business case processes best support this entry point.

The M Corp Intelligence/Analytics Model is specifically designed to help get organizations past this “Project” level, to maximize value and more effectively address business needs.

We’ll help you move from performing manual analytics that do not rely on tool suites, to a place where you’re strategically utilizing a suite of Business Intelligence tools and becoming an “analytical competitor.”

Understanding Is Everything

When you have transcended from Business Intelligence to Business Analytics, you are free. You can devote yourself to developing your business growth the way you want to.

What is Big Data?

“Big data” is the term used to define when the volume, velocity and variety of data exceed an organization’s storage or compute capacity for accurate and timely decision making. Some data is held in transactional data stores; the by-product of fast-growing online activity.

There are four ways that we measure big data:

Up to 85 percent of an organization’s data is unstructured, not numeric, and is expected to fit into quantitative analysis and decision making.

The need and drive to be more agile and deliver insight quicker is putting tremendous pressure on organizations to build the necessary infrastructure and skill base to react quickly.

Data flows can be highly variable, with daily, seasonal, and event-triggered peak loads that can be challenging to manage.

Organizations need to understand relationships such as complex hierarchies and data linkages among all data.