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Our 2015 Vision: What’s next?

2014 was a great year for M Corp. We expanded our business into Texas, added several new clients in California, and had the opportunity to help long-term clients realize some tremendous successes. In addition, we settled into our new building and began laying the foundation for additional growth and expansion.

death-valley-emrlWe developed a roadmap for the next seven years that will result in us becoming both a client partner and an employer of choice.

We also made some key decisions about our long-term future – how we want to evolve, who we want to be in the market, and what values we want to instill as we do our daily work. There was nothing earth shattering, just a firm commitment that we will continue to differentiate ourselves through a no-holds barred commitment to successful clients, even when this means that we accept less work in exchange for higher quality work; work that we know will improve public and private sector organizations in meaningful ways; projects that we are confident will be successful. We took the original vision of our founders and operationalized it. We developed a roadmap for the next seven years that will result in us becoming both a client partner and an employer of choice. And we started executing against that roadmap to achieve those goals.

So with that, we enter 2015. For us, 2015 is the year of picking winners. Both government and private sector organizations have experienced the devastating financial and reputational impacts of projects that exceed budgets and schedules while failing to deliver the planned benefits. These failures resulted from a fundamental lack of readiness – organizational, operational, and technological. These projects were doomed from the start. The demand for change and for systems that support this change persists, and data suggests that if project failures continue at current trends, by year-end 2016, 50 percent of digital transformation initiatives will be unmanageable.

We aren’t interested in contributing to those statistics, and our experience provides us with insight into the telltale signs of potential success – or certain failure. The truth is that there are lots of great ideas, needed initiatives, and mandated changes to the government operating environment. But equally true is that success will only occur if our clients have the capability and capacity to deliver on the requirements. This represents their readiness, and because we historically start every engagement with an assessment of readiness across 14 technical, business, human resource and operational imperatives, we believe we’ve cracked the code on identifying winners – while also helping clients who aren’t quite ready to fully understand the steps that they can take to increase the probability of a successful implementation.

We are dedicated to enabling this success and more importantly, to having the tough conversations that we believe will prevent our clients’ financial and reputational losses over the long term.

We are dedicated to enabling this success and having the tough conversations that we will prevent our clients’ financial and reputational losses over the long term.

Picking winners isn’t luck or magic. It is dependent upon a holistic and data-driven look at the factors that impact success and that allow for more focused and efficient delivery. This accelerates achievement of the intended benefits and allows government leaders to fulfill their promises while allowing digital transformation to provide real value to the constituency.

In 2015, we will also continue our expansion. We remain committed to both California and Texas, but we will also be moving into states that, through our research, have the greatest need for and receptivity to our approach and our philosophy. We’ve begun bolstering our staff with additional talent, adding partners – in California and beyond – who share our values and can team with us for mutual success. We are also looking to expand client relationships into the private sector. We know that 2015 is going to be a great year, and we hope our you’ll be part of our success.

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Alex Castro is M Corp’s Chief Executive Officer, and one of its founders. Get more of his articles, or connect with him on LinkedIn.